Fine Art Giclée Printing

“Giclée” – pronounced ‘Gee Clay’ – from the French verb meaning ‘to squirt’.

Using a top quality digital inkjet printer, stunning pieces of printed artwork or photography can be produced.

Light fastness of Giclée prints
Giclee printers have secure and stable ink, which is colour fast as soon as printed and will not fade over time.

This transformation of the way that artwork is reproduced is down to computer technology combining forces with advancing printing techniques. It works by the digital inkjet printer ‘squirting’ minute droplets of ink onto heavy watercolour paper or artists canvas. The computer then controls the ink droplets producing a high-resolution image. The fine quality of the printed image is exceptional when compared to conventional printing. The commands relating to the image and printer are recorded as a digital file and can be accessed on demand. This means that an edition can be proofed and then tested for popularity. Then when the artist, gallery or publisher wishes to print more copies of the image they can be produced as and whenever needed.

Variety of paper & canvas

to suit your specification

Etching Fine Art paper 320GSM
an off white/ light cream matte textured paper.

Velvet Fine Art Paper 270GSm
a white matte textured paper

Semi Matte 230GSM
photo paper

a flat white slightly glossed photo paper

Matte 230GSM Photo paper
a flat matte white photo paper

a matte bright white canvas
(suitable for stretching)

Our Fine Art Printing Process